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Cliff Richard shares moving tribute to ‘soulmate’ Olivia Newton-John following her death from breast cancer

Cliff Richard shares moving tribute to ‘soulmate’ Olivia Newton-John following her death from breast cancer

The singer, 81, had a close friendship with the late Grease star which spanned more than 50 years.

Taking to social media, he wrote: “I find myself at a loss as to what to say. Death… well, he is a vicious enemy and all of us will be taken by him. But all of us are not taken by him at the same time and so while Olivia remains in our minds and memories, she remains very much alive!

“I’m just one of an army of lucky people who knew and loved her. How could we not love her? She was gorgeous, gifted and had a heart of Gold. Also, a bunch of records that were Gold, but her Golden Heart is her legacy to us.

Sir Cliff Richard shared this tribute on Facebook to Dame Olivia Newton-John

/ Cliff Richard / Facebook

“When she was first diagnosed with cancer Livvy put her career on hold for years. Why? Because she wanted to inspire other sufferers to do as she did… fight the ugly disease, although she said in one interview that she wasn’t in a battle with cancer just that she had something that she simply wanted to get rid of!”

He continued: “Olivia always had an up-beat approach to life. Only three weeks ago I was on the phone to her, and she was her bright positive self and I never thought for one moment of that call that I would be writing this and acknowledging her death. I hate that word!

“From now on I will only believe that our gorgeous Olivia simply stopped living. I will miss her. The world will miss her, so let’s all keep her alive in our hearts and memories. God bless you Livvy. Rest In Peace…..Cliff xxx”

Richard and Newton-John first met back in 1971 when she became a regular guest singer on his variety show, and she even joined him on tour as a backing singer.

Sir Cliff Richard and Olivia Newton-John pictured in 1971, the year that they first met

/ Getty Images

Despite many whispers of romance between them, they always denied it.

His tribute is not the first time he has admitted he “fell in love” with the Physical hit-maker, however.

He previously discussed his feelings in his 2020 autobiography The Dreamer where he said he “lost his chance” because she was engaged to someone else.

He said: “We hit it off straight away. She was the sort of soulmate that you meet and you know is a friend for life.

“When I and many of us were in love with Olivia she was engaged to someone else. I’m afraid I lost the chance.”

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