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Heatwave records are broken as wildfires scorch Europe

Heatwave records are broken as wildfires scorch Europe

The UK reached more than 40C for the first time on record and in the capital a large fire engulfed homes in the village of Wennington.

Germany marked its hottest day of the year so far as the heatwave is expected to continue in the country.

Deadly wildfires have raged across the continent with Portugal reporting more than 1,000 heatwave-related deaths.

The head of Portugal’s health authority DGS, Graça Freitas, told Reuters: “Portugal is among one of the areas of the globe that could be more affected by extreme heat.

“We have to be more and more prepared for periods of high temperatures.”

In France, the Gironde region faced its biggest wildfire in more than 30 years.

More than 34,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes after the fires spread to the countryside surrounding Bordeaux since July 12.

In Greece a wildfire, fuelled by gale-force wind, burned in the mountainous region of Penteli near Athens and set homes alight.

It sparked the evacuation of at least nine areas and a hospital.

Elsewhere in Italy, temperatures are set to soar past 40C across the north and centre this week as well as the southern heel of its boot Puglia and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily.

Five cities were placed on the highest red alert because of the heatwave.

Many fires were reported in the country and one of the biggest blazes to break out on Monday in the hills of Massarosa in Tuscany was still burning on Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile in Spain, more than 30 wildfires ravaged the country with authorities paying special attention to four blazes in Castile and Leon and Galicia.

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