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HATTERS CHATTER: Luton Town fans react to Rob Edwards taking over at Kenilworth Road

HATTERS CHATTER: Luton Town fans react to Rob Edwards taking over at Kenilworth Road

New Luton boss Rob Edwards - pic: David Horn/PRIME Media Images
New Luton boss Rob Edwards – pic: David Horn/PRIME Media Images

The 39-year-old had success with Forest Green Rovers last season, leading the club to the League Two title, before moving to Vicarage Road for a stay that can only be described as brief, sacked after a mere 10 league games.

When asked for their thoughts on the former Hornets chief taking over at Kenilworth Road on social media, Luton fans were definitely prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt as @mikedoney tweeted: “He will be afforded time which is a usual requirement that not everyone enjoys.

“Got to wish him the best of luck and I see a lot of chat suggesting he is pleasing to the eye too. Fair play.”

@DonnyLebowski: “Very happy – I think he suits us.

“I think we would of made a move for him if he was still a FGR anyway.

” Watford connection not an issue – he’ll feel he has a point to prove.

“Him having a small ‘pre season’ with the players will help.”

@thegraphicbomb: “Everything points to a good fit.

“Fingers crossed he gets some good time with the players before that first game back!

“Not bothered about the yellow connection at all really.”

@leagravell: “Doesn’t matter where he’s been before he’s here to do a job.

“Can’t judge him until a ball has been kicked. time will tell #COYH.”

@hatternick: “He wasn`t there long enough to get tainted.

“Certainly talks a good game and looks promising.

“Happy with the appointment.

“Be happier if he puts one over them on April 1st.”

@hollie_hatter: “He sounds like he sees that what we have is working so I can imagine Big Mick will be helping him get to know the players and set up.

“I imagine he will bring in his tactics slowly as he gets to know the players strengths.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if NJ hasn’t talked with him too.”

@Rlitch1: “Super appointment, did amazing at Forest Green Rovers.”

@ChrisBovril: “On paper seems like a great move for all involved.

“Young, known for good man-management, motivated to do well in the Championship and of course prove that club down the road wrong!

@jocolo: “I remember the uproar from our rivals when he was sacked.

“Obviously they warmed to him and wanted him to succeed.

“At a proper club he will flourish.

@outofbounds58: “The only thing is his track record, 7 months here, 1 year there etc.

“Hasn’t had a job for more than 18m.

“Maybe that’s to be expected I’m not sure.”

@lutonlip: “Good luck to him, losing three key staff leaves a big hole.

“Hope Rob settles in quickly with his staff and carries on the good work of Nathan, Chris and Alan.

@eddmc: “I like that he’s got something personal to prove on 1st April.”

@Mark68106: “His first personal goal this season will be to finish above .. them.

“That’ll do for me for now #COYH.”

@JohnRattigan: “To manage both clubs in the same season is almost unbelievable and not something any of us would have even contemplated as possible, never mind likely to happen, when the season kicked off.

“It’s definitely a funny old game!”

@devonhatter: “As an exiled, born and bred @LutonTown supporter, who moved to Devon in 2008, and chose @OfficialECFC as my SW adopted club, I’ve watched Rob Edwards management of a club from close quarters.

“Personally, I think this is a good move, no ‘route one’ game play. Welcome, Rob.”

@sonic_sinclair: “Good luck to him,

“He could give a massive boost to LTFC, it’s not what you know, it’s who ya know.

“I got that feeling this guy will blow off the roof at the mighty Kenilworth Road, and rock its foundations

“We all move forward, to see how good this guy is.”

@andygill76: “ Anyone not backing him straight away needs to sort themselves out .

“People need to ignore and forget the Watford thing very quickly.

“Klopp wouldn’t last 6 months there.”

@ChrisSharples20: “I’m liking the cut of his jib, as they say.

“Hope he does really well for us.

“I also hope that us fans stay off his back…. For now anyway.”

@lutonmagoo: “Personally I think that’s a great appointment for his and mostly our sake I hope you’re very successful. Good luck fella.”

@ScottJ_Devine: “Class appointment!

“Chance to prove why Watford were wrong to sack him!”

@ben_combes: “Welcome Rob! A new era begins.

“I hope the World Cup break is a fab chance to settle in and to get to know the club.

“It’s small but mighty. More there than meets the eye.

“The dilapidated Kenny a classic from a bygone era.

“The club is modern though: for the community and the game.”

@DubaiDoones: “Welcome Rob to the mighty Hatters.

“Make yourself a legend. It’s in your hands.

“Do this, and we can all ride the wave to the Prem together!”

@VivvyBee: “Looking forward to the new chapter.

“NJ took us as far as he could.

“Hoping Rob takes us to the next level!”

Meanwhile, on the Luton News Facebook page, Michael Pala said: “He didn’t get a chance with Watford.

“Besides, had he been a Watford legend – you only have to look at the story of Brian Clough who was a Derby legend and then went on to become a Nottingham Forest legend.”

Steve Guard: “Like many before him he didn’t really get a fair chance with Watford.

“I’m confident we’ll see great things from him as per his time at Forest Green.

“He’s inherited a very good squad here at Luton and he’ll get the time and support to pick up from NJ has left us and bring in his own influence and ideas.

“A good appointment in a young manager with a good vision on the game. All the best Rob!

Steve Dolan: “When I heard his 1st interviews at Watford, I was delighted.

“He talks like he’s straight out of Sporting Director degree course, so it was absolutely no surprise that he didn’t last a wet weekend with them, which was very disappointing.

“Look, he’s with us now and hope that he settles down a bit cos I’m sure he’s no mug and we’ll give him our support but personally I need to be convinced he’s changed.”

Dave Croft: “Can only give the man a chance to prove himself.

“You never know he might surprise us, hopefully. COYH.”

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