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Kate Winslet recalls the time she almost had a toilet emergency while naked on stage


ate Winslet has confessed that early on in her career she came dangerously close to doing a “poo on stage” while performing naked.

To make matters worse, the production was staged in the round, meaning audience members were seated all around it so that there would have been no way for her to do it discreetly either.

The Oscar-winning actress, 47, shared her blushes over the incident while appearing on The Graham Norton Show to promote her latest drama, I Am Ruth.

“When I was 18 years old, I was in a production of What The Butler Saw in Manchester. I played a character called Geraldine, who is applying for the job of the doctor’s secretary. And he [the doctor] says ‘well let me see, I need to give you a full body examination. Please strip’,” she told the Irish chat show host and fellow guests Jack Whitehall, Sir Lenny Henry and Nadiya Hussain.

She then explained that in a normal production, you would go behind a curtain and the audience wouldn’t be able to see you. But because the stage was round, audience members circled the stage.

Also appearing on The Graham Norton Show were Jack Whitehall, Sir Lenny Henry and Nadiya Hussain

/ PA

Winslet continued: “So, I go behind the curtain and I do what I’ve done for nights on end. I have to then lie on this bed and I lie there really awkwardly and uncomfortably and suddenly…. it’s happening, it’s happening, i’m gonna s**t myself and I’m lying on a white sheet, naked on a stage.

“So I’m like oh my God it’s happening now, it’s happened. I’m convinced I’ve totally s**t myself. So I’m like ‘what am I gonna do?’ Because now I need to get up from behind the curtain and look for all my clothes and I’m like ‘I’ve done a f***ing poo’.”

Quick-thinking Winslet recalled how when she stood up, she scrunched the sheet around her in pure embarrassment.

She said: “And I’m still thinking ‘happening, happening’ while standing in front of an audience who can see me from every f***ing angle. I’m absolutely just convinced that if I move my body, there’s gonna be poo on the floor. Honestly, I practically shiver off the stage and I hide in a corner and then I thought ‘I’ve gotta check the sheet’.”

A shocked Hussain asked: “Did you s**t yourself or not?”

Winslet replied: “Ladies and gentlemen, I had not actually done a poo but the second I got into my dressing room and ran to that bathroom, it was like gunfire.”

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