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Love Island fans urge ITV2 to air clip of Luca flirting with Mollie after Gemma row

Love Island fans urge ITV2 to air clip of Luca flirting with Mollie after Gemma row


ove Island fans have urged ITV2 producers to air a clip which showed Luca Bish ‘flirting’ with Mollie Salmon in Casa Amor following his row with Gemma Owen.

On Sunday night’s episode, the islanders were treated to Movie Night and watched as 19-year old Gemma appeared to entertain Billy Brown’s flirting, which left Luca seething.

After the clip was shown, Luca said that he was about to “f*****g explode” as he watched Billy try to crack on.

As Movie Night came to a close, a row ensued between the two in which Gemma told him to “get over yourself” after he suggested that she was “entertaining” Billy’s flirtatious chat, and claimed he wouldn’t do the same.

However, eagled-eyed viewers weren’t about to let Luca’s claims slid as they brought up a previous episode in which the 23-year-old appeared to flirt with bombshell Mollie.

Speaking by the pool, the fishmonger commented: “Me and you can be naughty together, not in that way but maybe… nah.”

Love Island viewers have urged bosses to air a clip of Luca Bish appearing to flirt with Mollie Salmon


To which make-up artist Mollie then asked: “So do you not fancy me a little bit?”

“Do I fancy you? Do I think you’re a good looking girl? Yeah, 100%! I’m not a liar, like, I can say if I think someone’s a good looking girl, yeah,” he responded.

Unimpressed by his behaviour, fans of the ITV2 dating show took to Twitter to brand his response “double standards” and urged show bosses to air the clip in the villa.

One wrote: “What about Luca’s chat with Mollie on the beanbags? Couldn’t producers make that look just as bad as they tried to make Gemma’s chat with Billy? She’s done nothing wrong at all.”

“Someone tell Luca to shut up the DOUBLE STANDARDS WTF. He can flirt with Mollie but when Gem is being flirted with its like she’s ruining everything,” another penned.

Fans were left unimpressed with Luca’s reaction to Billy Brown’s flirty banter with Gemma Owen


A third commented: “To be honest the producers really let Luca off the hook. I was expecting to see the clip on day one of Casa when Luca was flirting with Mollie. The north remembers.”

“The producers did Luca too good at movie night. Should have shown the clips with him and Mollie,” another added.

Meanwhile, Luca’s family have been forced to apologise following a backlash over the exchange with Gemma.

The fishmonger was visibly annoyed at seeing the clips and verbalised his anger towards Gemma several times afterwards, leading fans to leave their unhappy comments about the Islander on social media.

His family have since responded to his behaviour on the episode, writing on Instagram Stories: “I want to apologise on behalf of Luca for his insensitive reaction on last night’s episode.

His family took to Instagram earlier this week to ask people to stop sending death threats

/ Instagram

“I know that when he watches it back, he will be embarrassed and deeply apologetic. We, as his family, don’t condone his behaviour last night, but we do understand he is in an intense environment where his emotions are heightened.

“Last night was not reflective of the boy we all know and love at home.”

It continued: “Please be aware death threats and nasty comments totally overstepped the mark and something we, as a family, should not have to endure, for this reason we have turned off the comments and messages.

“All those who have sent messages checking in on us, we would like to thank you very much and we see you.”

Love Island airs every day on ITV2 and ITV Hub at 9pm.

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