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Luton boss has a message for Hatters fans who believe Town 'should be' beating sides in the Championship

Luton boss has a message for Hatters fans who believe Town ‘should be’ beating sides in the Championship

Hatters boss Nathan Jones had a message for Luton fans who expect their side to just be turning up and winning games in the Championship following this afternoon’s 2-0 victory against Blackburn Rovers.

Goals from Carlton Morris, his sixth of an increasingly prolific season, and defender Reece Burke’s wonderful 25 yard curler ensured Town picked up a first victory in front of their own fans this term.

It was enough to see Luton climb up to 11th in the table, as they are now just two points adrift of the play-off places they reached last term.

Hatter boss Nathan Jones applauds the Luton fans this afternoon

The fact they are in such a good position for the second season running isn’t something that supporters should be just banking on though according to Jones, especially against a side like Blackburn, who went into the contest sitting third in the table, after beating recently relegated Premier League outfit Watford in midweek.

Speaking in his post-match press conference, the Town chief said: “It was a wonderful performance and needed because, I don’t read social media, but people sometimes show me stuff and people say ‘we should be doing stuff, we should be doing stuff’, so I’ve got a message for our fans.

“There are a lot of Championship teams that have been in the Championship that ‘should be’ beating teams, and their fans keep saying it, ‘we should be beating teams’, and they don’t and they’re still in the Championship.

“We’re not a team that ‘should be’ beating teams.

“What we are is a team that goes about our business with humility, we’re hard-working, got an honest group, got a wonderful way of doing stuff.

“We’ve got an environment that’s fantastic and, at times, it’s difficult because Championship games are very difficult to win, as you found out, the first year that we were in it.

“Now, we can say ‘we should be, should be, should be’ but those are the type of performances we put in and the crowd should get behind that, because there’s no God-given right to win a football game.

“We’re a relatively new side at this level at the minute and, with the greatest of respect, we haven’t got the resources that those sides that ‘should be’ winning games

“But we just keep doing it and I’m really proud of the team, so get behind the team because they (fans) were magnificent today, but when they’re apprehensive then it affects people.

“As we’ve got a wonderful group here with a wonderful way of doing stuff and I want them to get behind that, because we shouldn’t be beating teams, we do, but there’s no God-given right to do that.”

After an opening nine games that saw Luton record just two wins, Jones had also picked up on some rumbling from fans worried about the campaign ahead, as they felt Town were going to struggle near the foot of the table.

Putting that right, he continued: “I’m really proud of the team and how they went about it, as they’ve had to show a bit of resolve, as some people have got on to them.

“I’ve heard someone say, ‘it’s going to be a long season boys,’ fans, honestly, it’s mental, it’s absolutely berserk, because we have to realise what we are.

“We’re a wonderful side that does things excellently and I’m really proud of the group, how they react, how they come through stuff.

“Because we are, at times we’re fighting against the odds but we continue to do that.”

Jones had words of praise for those inside Kenilworth Road though who saw Town finally put their home issue to be when recording their first victory at the seventh attempt this season.

He added: “They’re an ex Premier League side, they’ve won the Premier League, and that’s what we’re coming up against.

“There’s no God-given right and I reiterate that to our fans, there’s no God-given right to win a game, ‘we should be’, why should we be?

“Because we have a recent history, we have a recent real, energetic past in terms of a recent past, that doesn’t give us a right to win games.

“We still have to work hard, still have to do all the things because there are a lot of good sides in this division, and it’s a tough division.

We have to keep going constantly, again, the fans were brilliant today, but come on, lets have an element of realism as well.

“We have to keep working hard, keep getting behind the team as that showed today.

“As when they do that, it’s a wonderful place to play football, a wonderful place to be this place.”

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