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Luton boss might tone down his post-match honesty after being 'surprised' to have his tactical ability questioned by Hatters fans

Luton boss might tone down his post-match honesty after being ‘surprised’ to have his tactical ability questioned by Hatters fans

Hatters boss Nathan Jones
Hatters boss Nathan Jones

Luton boss Nathan Jones might choose to tone down his honesty in future post match interviews after admitting he has been left ‘surprised’ to have his tactical ability questioned by some fans this season in the last week.

Following the 2-1 home defeat to Wigan in Town’s previous Championship outing, Jones was critical of his side’s game management in the closing stages, as they let a 1-0 lead slip, while also stated he had got things wrong with the substitutions he made during the match.

Having watched the fixture again, the Hatters chief felt they had been the right calls to make, although did acknowledge the visitors’ changes had more of an impact and also stated in upcoming matches they might settle for a point rather than get caught out chasing a winner.

However, when speaking to the press this afternoon, Jones, who led Town to the play-offs last term, revealed that he had heard some observations from supporters after the game about his decision-making that he had taken umbrage with, saying: “There’s been a few comments that fans have made that, I’m not saying have annoyed me, but really surprised me.

“Maybe I’m too honest because, tactically, a few people have questioned whether we can do stuff.

“Tactically, we’ve been outstanding, because we’ve had to be.

“We’ve been outstanding from the duration from 2016.

“We played the diamond and ripped teams apart and got two promotions off the back of it. Tactically, fantastic.

“Since we’ve come back, we’ve had to be tactically brilliant and we are.

“So, if anyone questions us, tactically, that kind of gets to me a little bit.

“It’s an easy cheap shot after a manager coming out and being brutally honest.

“I don’t need to be that honest, but I am, because that’s who I am.

“Someone sent me something and it half made me chuckle, but half think, ‘hang on, what are people seeing?’

“It was nothing really, it was more to do with being tactically not good enough and inept, and relying on other people to be tactically good.

“That’s the kind of thing that surprises me and shocks me because it doesn’t matter what we do, someone always wants to be negative about it.”

With that in mind, Jones might well consider just what he says when giving interviews after game, adding: “I’m probably slightly more honest than I should’ve been, I’ve learnt that at times.

“I’ve been brutally honest because I believe that’s what fans want. Fans can’t be kidded.

“When I make changes, I don’t laud myself when they come good.

“The other day, the changes didn’t make us any weaker in any way and I came out and suggested something, but I was a bit more honest than I probably should’ve been, maybe that’s something I’ve got to learn.

“I never blame players.

“I went through a year of horrific results at the club I’ve been at, never once did I blame players, I took everything on myself.”

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