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Nigella Lawson warns against ‘obscene overindulgence’ at Christmas


igella Lawson has warned many are slipping into “obscene overindulgence” and becoming “bloated wrecks” at Christmas by overeating.

The TV chef and food writer, 62, said some people eat too much because they feel they should be “picking at things non-stop” throughout the day.

She suggested removing any starters from the Christmas lunch menu to avoid excess.

I also think that there is a way in which for many people it does become a sort of obscene overindulgence

Appearing on The News Agents, Lawson said: “I don’t know why people do starters on Christmas, for Christmas lunch. I never have.

“That seems a madness. But I also think that there is a way in which for many people it does become a sort of obscene overindulgence.

“So people are not eating because it is pleasurable. They’re eating because somehow they feel it is when they should be eating non-stop and picking at things non-stop.”

Asked whether she was referring to greed and gluttony, she replied: “Yes, but they can go too far too.

“When you want to feel full up and grateful that you feel full up, but you don’t want to be a bloated wreck.”

Lawson also said she would not be giving Christmas presents this year given the cost-of-living crisis.

She said: “Celebrating food with your family is something we all, if we can do, should do it and do it gratefully.

“But I certainly feel I am not interested in this year buying people who don’t need things presents…

“You can give them a card to say I’ve donated in your name in lieu of a Christmas present…so you can feel like you’re doing something…

“You want to celebrate being with your family in ways that we haven’t been able to, but you don’t want it to tip into the obscene.”

Listen to the full interview on The News Agents podcast on Global Player.

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