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Rita Ora does ballad of Running Up That Hill and people hate it

Rita Ora does ballad of Running Up That Hill and people hate it


ita Ora’s cover of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill has left many fans unimpressed.

The 1980s classic song was given a new lease of life after it was included in a pivotal scene in season four of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

The 31-year-old took the opportunity in an emotional performance at Rock in Rio to put her own spin on the song. In a clip shared to Twitter by BCharts, the singer can be heard singing the chorus.

Passionate fans took to Twitter to reveal their dismay.

“What a ghastly noise,” one critic said.

Another comment agreed: “That’s about 5% cover version, 95% hate crime.”

“That’s dreadful. Just because lots of notes exist, it doesn’t mean you need to try and include them all in every song. You certainly don’t need to try it if you’re as bad as this,” another witty user said.

“That’s the worst thing I’ve heard since Yoko crucified Great Gig in the Sky! For the love of God make her stop!” a fourth passionate fan said.

Rita’s spin on the song was adding more riffs into the iconic chorus, which someone described as “like listening to someone trying to tune a radio”.

“Kate Bush will be turning in her grave and she’s not even dead,” said another commenter.

The rendition was also compared to Fergie’s performance of the US National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game in 2018, which was met with a backlash.

“It’s giving me Fergie, National Anthem.” one user joked.

While another user said: “Fergie performed the national anthem so Rita Ora could run up that hill.”

The song ends with Rita throwing herself on the floor before blowing a kiss to the audience.

Rita is one of many artists who have attempted to cover the song since it resurfaced again the charts.

Halsey, Kim Petras and Placebo have all released their own covers.

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