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BBC launches Frozen Planet II with melting ice sculptures in London

BBC launches Frozen Planet II with melting ice sculptures in London


ollywood composer Hans Zimmer has launched the BBC documentary series Frozen Planet II by unveiling a collection of ice sculptures in London.

The 12 four-foot figures of emperor penguins and polar bears were installed on the steps of the Royal Albert Hall as it hosted a special Earth Prom on Saturday.

Organisers hope that as they slowly melt the sculptures will serve as a reminder of the impact of global warming on “our frozen worlds” and the challenges faced by a “heroic cast of animals”.

The ice sculptures outside the Royal Albert Hall (Ian West/PA) / PA Wire

The sculptures were created by an eco-friendly company with a focus on sustainable practices.

Jonny Keeling, head of the BBC’s Natural History Unit, said: “I’m thrilled to see Frozen Planet II arriving at the Royal Albert Hall with these amazing penguin and polar bear ice sculptures for the whole family to enjoy while being reminded of the challenges these animals face in the extreme frozen worlds.”

TV naturalist Chris Packham will present the special prom, exploring the work of the BBC’s Natural History Unit which broadcast Sir David Attenborough’s earliest adventures.

The show includes the work of Zimmer and fellow composer George Fenton as well as music from around the world as well as the sounds of nature and spoken word.

Aurora joined the launch (Ian West/PA) / PA Wire

A five-minute minute preview of Frozen Plant II will also be shown, accompanied by live music by Zimmer and Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora, who features on the soundtrack for the series.

She said: “Our world and our environment has always been a heart matter for me.

“I’ve believed that communicating her beauty, and her importance through art, music, and film is what touches us the most. It shows us what it is that is worth saving, it stirs our natural instinct.

“Being a part of this incredible project, working with such wonderful people, has been an absolute honour. I can’t wait for the world to see the world through the eyes of herself.

“Captured with patience and respect, and made with love.”

Frozen Planet II launches on BBC One and iPlayer on Sunday September 11 at 8pm.

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