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When is Zelensky travelling from Ukraine to the US and what will he do while he is in America?

Exact details of the trip have not been made public, given the security risks involved, but he was seen earlier on Wednesday at a Polish train station.

Unsurprisingly, the visit was kept a secret, with formal confirmation arriving only hours before it was scheduled to begin.

What will he do while he is in America?

President Zelensky tweeted that he would meet US President Joe Biden.

The trip was announced after the US officially confirmed that it would give Ukraine a Patriot missile system, greatly enhancing the nation’s air defence capability.

“On my way to the US to strengthen resilience and defence capabilities of Ukraine,” Mr Zelensky wrote on Twitter.

He also said he would give a speech to Congress and hold several meetings.

The Ukrainian president will likely use the infrastructure strikes to ask for more armaments in his speech. He will encounter several Republicans, who have expressed dissatisfaction with the level of US assistance as Congress contemplates approving an additional $50 billion (£41 billion) in aid.

The US has been Ukraine’s most crucial ally in the conflict, providing more than any other nation ($50 billion) in security, financial, and humanitarian aid.

Since the beginning of the war, President Zelensky has had frequent phone conversations with Western officials. However, by welcoming him to the White House, President Biden will repeat his assertion that Washington is dedicated to helping Ukraine for “as long as it takes”.

President Zelensky is committed to reclaiming all occupied territories, including those that were attacked before February. He promised to do “everything possible and impossible, expected and unexpected” to achieve “the results that all Ukrainians expect”, in his customary nightly address before the visit.

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