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Moment plane makes jaw-dropping landing just metres above tourists heads at Greek airport

Moment plane makes jaw-dropping landing just metres above tourists heads at Greek airport


eart-stopping footage has revealed the moment a Wizz Air passenger jet appears to skim over the heads of tourists’ heads as it came into land at a Greek airport.

Footage of the incident was uploaded to YouTube last week by a plane spotter who was watching planes land on Greece’s Skiathos island.

The runway is built close to the sea, meaning enthusiasts can capture photos and videos of planes coming in quite low before making a landing.

The video shows the Airbus jet appearing to come scarily close to those watching and only narrowly clearing the fence marking the runway.

Others in the video are heard shouting out in surprise at how close the plane appears to be before it touches down.

People’s clothes are shown being buffeted by the gusts caused by the jet, while one young girl is even shown falling over backwards because of the force.

Responding to the footage online, one commentator said: “High temperature and very short runway, you have to do a deep landing to maximise the available runway for stop. Low cost airlines operates with short turnaround times, if you overheat the brakes you mess up the schedule of the plane.”

Another added: “Glad to see the plan eventually touched down without any damage, while a third said: “That was absolutely insane! Wonderful capture mate, awesome job!”

The airport’s runway is found in the north-east of the island, and the runway is built between two hills.

It means pilots have to approach relatively low.

The short runway also means some planes even have to take off with less fuel.

Wizz Air has been contacted for comment.

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